As I stood on that stage Sunday giving my testimony I had to mention you and the hope you told me, promised me, existed if I didn't just give up, lay down and die (which was basically where I was coming off heroin). You saw something in me that I hadn't seen in myself in a long time and I just thought you'd want to know that I am that person now, living life in HD, and I couldn't be happier. So thank you Shifra not only for that time in my life but for still checking in over the years, even if just to "like" a picture on Facebook. It showed me you cared. You weren't getting paid to, I wasn't your sponsee and I didn't go to any program you worked at. You just cared, and it meant a lot. So thank you.  -Meg M.


When I first met Shifra I was in a state of debilitating anxiety that led me to constantly seek medication and as a result, I landed in the psychiatric ward. Through working with Shifra I have learned coping tools to deal  with an eating disorder, disordered thoughts and other addictive behaviors. Shifra has helped me tremendously; she always meets me from a non-judgmental stance and allows me to figure out my answers. It has been through God’s love and grace, in addition  with her support, that I have over two and a half years clean and sober. I am now attending school, studying Psychology and am an active member in my local church. I am extremely grateful for the impact Shifra has made in my life!  -Brianna M. Deutsch